Friday, September 4, 2015

The Green House Bar: Tour programs

The Green House Bar: Tour programs:                                                                      Bousra impressive Waterfall (One Day tour by motor/car) Da...

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We have a good guest house at Sen Monorom  and we have a big parking place for all your vehicles!!!  We started a guest house one year ago!!  The name of the guest house is Bouran Sotha (Khmer person ) Green House (for the foreigner)  located on the main road in Sen Monorom. Our  guest house has good information if you want to go to another city or province in other parts of Cambodia.  Our receptionist speaks good English!
Our guest house has good service and clean rooms, the beds are big with good mattresses and the rooms have great views!!!!
Specialties at the Guest house :
  • Good service (free WiFi)
  • Good prices ( 5$,8$,10$,$15,$20)
  • Good location 
  • Big place for parking
  • All the staff  speak English
  • Rooms are clean with big beds, hot water , A C , fan.....:) 
  • 24 hour security
  • Good cable TV

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adventure Tour

We offer different options to explore the lush and deep jungle of Mondulkiri.
We have good guide with a lot of experience , who speaking English and can translate any questions you may have for local people . You will fine yourself surrounded by a unique south-east Asian tropical environment and it adjacent farmlands.....
If you are lucky , you might see some unique Mondulkiri wildlife such as Macaques , Gibbons, deer, wild pigs and tracks of their night time predators.
We also sleep in the jungle and cook like the people who live in the forest and we also go to collect some vegetables from the jungle and we can have coffee in the morning in the bamboo cups.
 We also cook dinner in bamboo too.
We have some options for the tourist like:

  • Day Trip: walk through the jungle , swim in the waterfalls, visit the caves , visit the bamboo forest and visit the villages , and learn  your Bunong tour guide about the vast vegetation-some of which can be used as medicine .
  • Overnight Tour: you might also want to have the experience of sleeping overnight in the jungle in a hammock or in of the surrounding villages. You can go trekking during the first day ,  walk to the Elephant Valley Project, where you stay overnight, and visit  the elephants on the Second day.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Motorbike Adventure

We provide the best motorbike tour adventure starting from Sen Monorom.
Option 1:

For the adventure seeking person we can provide motorbike tours to Bunlong in Rattinakiri.  The tour will cross the Srea Poke River which requires a boat ride.  We will navigate through deep thick jungle.  We will cross mountains with dangerous rocks along the way.  We will cross remote rice fields in Koh Neak.  In rainy season, it will be filled with mud and in dry season it will be full of red sand and dust.  In Koh Neak, we can stop for rest and refreshment and while there we can also view boats in the lake.  This tour can be done in one day for those wthl more motorbike experience.  For those with lesser experience, the tour will be a two day and one night adventure.  The longer tour will allow guests to experience a more intimate time with the indigenous people. While sleeping in Koh Neak, we can have a party with rice wine and enjoy the company of the local people.

Option 2:

For those with less adventurous nature, we also have a tour from Sen Monorom to Koh Neak district.  This will be a shorter trip but the rider will still experience deep jungle riding, with rocky mountains and river crossings.  For those with luck, some will be able to see wild game along the way.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

welcome to Senmonorom

Welcome to The Green House Bar in beautiful Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri province.

We cater to western style food and drinks. All global trekkers are welcome. Take a rest and relax in our green patio and bar.

Please select from the above menu for various programs and attractions that we offer.

visit here

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tour service

Tour by motorbike:
We have motorbikes for rent:
     Small motorbikes for $7 per day
     Big bikes (Baja 250cc) for $30 per day.

We arrange tours with motorbikes to explore the greater Sen Monorom surrounding area. We provide tour guides with lots of experience and knowledge of the places that you will see. Your tour will be fun.

Tour by foot:

We also offer tour trekking by foot to the forest and to visit the waterfalls. Tours by foot can be done in one day but you also might want to have the experience of sleeping overnight in the jungle or in one of the surrounding villages.

Our tour guides can speak English and can also speak Phnong which make it possible to communicate with the local people.

Bicycle for rent 

We have mountain bikes for rent for $5 per day and half day for $3. All the bikes we have are good and strong for mountains in Mondulkiri and its beautiful landscape !

Elephant trekking:

We arrange tours by elephant, going to the forest to visit the waterfalls and to meet the minority people in whose village we can sleep overnight ( no riding elephant) but you can help for wash them at waterfall.

We also arrange tour trekking by elephant to go to the deeper jungle and waterfalls( no riding elephant). You will be surrounded by a lot of big trees that you have never seen before. You might be lucky and see animals. You will have a cool time and lots of fun with the guides (English speaking guide and minority guide).

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t hesitate to come by and ask for any information you need: bus tickets, organizing pick ups to go wherever you want to, and booking a nice, safe and clean guesthouse. Prices range from $5 to $15.

Bar Services:

There is only one BAR in Sen Monorom which has good music and even Internet service . So all that you are looking for in one and the same place: the Green House, whose staff does not only know Mondulkiri (we’ve got the map!) but can also help you with information about other parts of CAMBODIA, for free and with a friendly smile.

Tel: (+855) 17 905 659      Email:
       (+855) 973626644    Website:
My name: Mr. SAM NANG (lucky)
Thank you 


Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Here the green house bar is a nice place to have good drinks and have good Khmer food and have good internet service, also organize tour to the jungle, the owner speak English well!!